Curriculum Vitae

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OrcID: 0000-0002-6755-3051

Google Scholar: qDGdN9QAAAAJ

ResearcherID E-4392-2014


Professional Experience

Awards and Honors

    • 2015 UF Env. Eng. Sci Faculty Mentor Research Award
    • 2012 2nd Place A&WMA Dissertation Award
    • 2010 2nd Place USEPA-RTP NLTO Oral Presentation
    • 2008 UNC Environmental Sciences Achievement Award
    • 2001 Austin College Dean's List
    • 2000 Delta Phi Alpha (German Natl Honor Society)
    • 1997 Austin College Academic Scholarship
    • 1997 Southwestern Premier League Scholarship

Professional Memberships

    • American Assoc for the Adv of Science
    • European Geophysical Union
    • American Geophysical Union
    • Air & Waste Management Association
    • U.S. EPA ORD Natl Leadership and Training Organization (NLTO)

University Experience


Dr. Henderson is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida in the Environmental Engineering Sciences department. His interests are chemistry and physics of air pollution as it relates to human health, ecological health, and climate.

Dr. Henderson currently teaches a graduate class called "Global Air Pollutants" in the spring and an undergraduate course called "Energy & Environment" in the fall. "Global Air Pollutants" focuses on the modeling of chemistry and physics at the global scale with a focus on persistant organic pollutants, mercury, ozone, and aerosols. "Energy & Environment" focuses on understanding energy sources limitations and trade-offs in the context present and future societal uses.

Sponsored Research

Dr. Henderson began pursuing external funding in July 2012 and targets private, municipal, state, federal, and non-governmental agencies.

    • 2015-2016, Ecopetrol Colombia, Air Pollution Effects from Petroleum Fuel Reformulations
  • 2014, Secretaría de Ambiente, Bogotá Air Quality Modeling
    • 2014, Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, Examination of Issues Surrounding Excess Capacity Utilization for Palm Beach Renewable Energy Facility #2
    • 2013-2014, OxyChem, Air quality impact of reaction uncertainty
  • 2010-2011,2014, Responsible Farmers Coalition Researcher, Ozone Potential of Metam-Sodium

Professional Service

    • GEOS-Chem Chemistry Working Group Co-Chair (2015-present);
    • A&WMA Florida Chapter Meeting Chair (2014)
    • A&WMA Florida Chapter Meeting Technical Board (2013);
    • A&WMA Master's Thesis Judge (2013);
    • AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award Judge (2012);
    • A&WMA Florida Chapter Student Scholarship Judge (2013);

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


Conference Abstracts


Skills and Training

Air Quality Models

GEOS-Chem, Comprehensive Air quality Model with extensions (CAMx), Community Multiscale Air Quality model (CMAQ), Weather Research and Forecasting Chemical model (WRF-Chem), Dynamically Simple Model of Atmospheric Chemical Complexity (DSMACC), Kinetic Pre-Processor (KPP), Python-based KPP (pykpp)

Visualization/Analysis Tools

Integrated Data Viewer (IDV), Visualization Environment for Rich Data Interpretation (VERDI), Package for Analysis and Visualization of Environmental (PAVE), matplotlib, NCAR Command Language, Panoply, Python-based Environment for Reaction Mechanisms/Mathematics (permm)

Model Evaluation Techniques

Process Analysis, Ozone Source Apportionment Technology, Reactive Tracer, Direct Decoupled Method, Adjoint Programming languages Python, R, Fortran, ASP (JScript and VBScript), Visual Basic, Javascript, Java, SmallTalk, Pascal, T-SQL, HTML, CSS, LaTeX Database systems MS SQL Server, Access, MySQL, SQLLite

GIS Systems

ArcGIS, MapPoint, GDAL, InfoMap Certifications A+ Hardware and Software Certified; LAN design and implementation Languages Conversational German Computer Administration Network and server administrator; computational cluster Operating Systems Windows 3.1,95,98,NT,2000,XP; Mac OS X; Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu, SuSE, Debian)