The UF Team

This is a cumulative and historical list of my group members at the University of Florida.

Barron Henderson

Title: Assistant Professor (now at EPA).

Title of your projects: Many projects.

Research Interests: Applying mathematical models to investigate the science of air pollution; including deriving chemical kinetics, scientific guidance for model application, ambient composition prediction, and quantifying climate and health outcomes.

Your personal interests: Spending time with my wonderful wife (Katherine) and two sons (Baxter and Owen), reading, running, bicycling, programming, and soccer player.

Organizations: AAAS, AEESP, AGU, AWMA

Robert Nedbor-Gross (PhD 2016; now at KBE)

Robert Nedbor-Gross

Title: Graduate Research Assistant

Research Interests: My research interest involve applying numerical models to further understand atmospheric chemistry and air pollution by comparing model output to observational data.

Your personal interests: I enjoy playing sports including football, wrestling and baseball and I am currently and active rugby player.

Organizations: AMS, Chi Epsilon Pi (Meteorology Honor Society)

Title: Graduate Research Assistant

Diagnosing SOA in Air Quality Models: CAMx and CMAQ modeling performance comparison based on 1.5-dimensional volatility basis set approach.

Research Interests: Trying to understand real issues in atmospheric environment using air quality modeling methods. Doing comparison between models to analyze vertical mixing influence on secondary organic aerosols.

Your personal interests: Traveling, doing sports with my friends such as running, scuba diving, playing badminton. Playing computer games, reading and music.

Organizations: AWMA

Qian Shu (PhD 2018)

Qian Shu

Colleen Baublitz (Masters 2016; now PhD student at Columbia)

Colleen Baublitz

Title: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Title of my projects: Using satellites measurements to inform air pollution modeling practice.

Research Interests: Manipulating existing models to more accurately reflect real atmospheric composition to benefit human and environmental health, and analyzing the chemical kinetics that guides these updates.

Personal Interests: Spending time with my friends and boyfriend, as well as visiting home (Stuart and Deerfield Beach, FL) as often as possible. I also enjoy reading, being outdoors doing absolutely anything, watching Arrested Development or Seinfeld, and playing my old Nintendo 64.

Organizations: SWE, XE, AWWA, SEE

Haley Lewis (BS 2018; now PhD student at Northwestern)

Title: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Title of my projects: Characterizing Nitrogen Deposition in Latin America

Research Interests: Working with existing economical and geographical models in order to influence environmental policy, as well as studying climate change in different geographical regions of the earth.

Personal Interests: I enjoy painting and sketching, practicing the acoustic guitar as well as Tae Kwon Do.

Organizations: NSBE, ChePa

Karl Seltzer (now PhD student at Duke)

Karl Seltzer

Title: Engineering Professional, Researcher

Title of your projects: Nitric acid formation rates impact on climate forcing.

Research Interests: Modeling of radiative forces based on variable atmospheric compositions and its overall impacts on climate. Modeling of global and regional air pollution and public policy and practical functions.

Your personal interests: Outdoor activities (running, spending time on the Santa Fe River, etc), reading, drinking craft beer and catching up on Netflix shows.

Organizations: AWMA

Vincent Warger, III (MSEE 2015; Now at Koogler)

Vincent Warger

Title: Undergraduate research assistant

Title of your projects: Reaction uncertainty and its impact on air quality from industrial emissions

Research Interests: Quantitatively evaluating the influence of nitric acid reaction mechanisms on regional tropospheric ozone concentrations. Applying subsequent model results to policy for regulatory implications.

Your personal interests: Drawing, reading European history, playing guitar, music, skateboarding, and spending time with friends.

Organizations: FWEA/WEF, AAEES